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It has seemed obvious from the features being added to Final Fantasy XIII-2 that Square is acutely aware of the complaints against its predecessor, but now the company is just stating it outright. In.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be among a few other playable demos at the event, which include Mass Effect 3, and RAGE. You can also check out some amazing FF XIII-2 Wallpapers here.

We’ve been pretty excited about Final Fantasy XIII-2 at the old GR corral since it was revealed earlier this week. The only downside was the game was revealed at a Japanese event and many of us just.

It’s not like Final Fantasy XIII’s characters are compelling or interesting, and I don’t think there are many fans out there actually asking for a sequel. Apparently XIII-2 features a plot that.

Excited for Final Fantasy XIII-2 but you never managed to play Final Fantasy XIII? Perhaps you couldn’t get past the first couple of hours in the original but are impressed by the improvements made in.

Above is an exclusive interview for Final Fantasy XIII-2, the sequel to Final Fantasy XIII and they have made many changes to try to make this sequel a great one. Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be out2012.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 plays like an apology letter to series fans who saw their hopes shattered by its predecessor. It is almost aggressively non-linear, with a time-jumping narrative structure that.

When Episode 2 starts you will enter the Bresha Ruins, 005AF. As you progress in this level you will have to weaken Atlas and defeat him. This fight is part of the story and can’t be missed. It’s.

The file sizes for both versions of Final Fantasy XIII-2 have been revealed. According to a poster on the NeoGAF forums, FFXIII-2 will weigh 14.446 GB on the PS3 and 7.8 GB on the Xbox 360. Compared.

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Prada has decided to hire a few virtual models to show off its new duds. In the latest issue of British fashion mage Arena Homme +, characters from Final Fantasy XIII-2 are modeling Prada’s 2012.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 weighs in at 14.446 gigabytes on PlayStation 3 and 7.8 gigabytes on Xbox 360, according to a 2ch poster. To compare, Final Fantasy XIII weighed 37.6 gigabytes on PlayStation 3 and.

As the follow-up to last year’s Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2 is the first direct sequel in the illustrious RPG franchise since Final Fantasy X-2. With a short development cycle and the.

We have a new trailer from Final Fantasy XIII-2 and it shows a lot of interesting gameplay. The trailer is courtesy of IGN. We see Lighting, Snow and others embroiled in a struggle after the events of.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 will come to PC through Steam on December 11, Square Enix announced today through a new trailer, which you can watch above right now. The PC version of Final Fantasy XIII-2 will.

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Square Enix has announced the release dates for Final Fantasy XIII-2, and whilst Japanese gamers will be playing this side of the holidays, as usual western audiences will have to wait. Shops in Japan.

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Well, unless you live in Japan, or can read Japanese, in which case summoning an import copy should be simple enough—Square Enix says Final Fantasy XIII-2 will debut in Japan slightly sooner, in.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 launched last week in Japan is doing OK! It has so far sold 525,721 copies, which is lower than what Final Fantasy XIII sold in its first week. There is more to it, Xbox 360.

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2 Bresha Ruins 005AF – Second area you enter during the story. No way to miss it. #3 Oerba 200AF – Oerba 200AF – from Bresha Ruins go through orange gate to Yaschas Massif 10AF and from there through.